About Creditive

Bringing simplicity to small business lending with a smarter service that has the customers in mind.

Founded in 2018, Creditive AB is a privately held company based in south Sweden. The people behind the company consists of a mixture of banking professionals and tech-enthusiast. Together we have over 150 years experience from the banking industry and 180 years leadership experience. We represent 6 different countries and speak 10 different languages fluently. 

We strongly believe that simplified access to small business finance will change the world to the better but the trued is that banks reject nearly 80% of all small business loan applications.

Strong, innovative and sustainable societies doesn’t start with governments, traditional banks or large corporations. It starts with small businesses. It starts here. And that’s why we do what we do, every day. Our vision is to create sustainable growth by seeing, serving and satisfying small business entrepreneurs. Our initial focus are on the advanced and digital economies of the Nordic countries.

We work with

Creditive is a selected member of Sting, which is the leading ecosystem in the Nordics for startups with high growth potential.

We are based at Ideon which has a long tradition of creating innovations within life science, software/IoT, telecommunications, energy and new materials.

Sony Startup Acceleration Program offers know-how and necessary environment to early stage startups. From ideation, marketing, to expansion, the program aims to realize creator’s vision arising from startups.

Creditive is a selected member of Vinge Growth and has the law firm Vinge as its legal partner.

Connect with our people

Chairman & Interim CFO

Per-Olov Carlsson

Born 1951

Board member & CEO

Sohail Mohseni

Born 1988

Board member

Tuire Niemi

Born 1961

Board member

Anna Katarina Skogh

Born 1976

Board member

Melinda Elmborg

Born 1991

Board member

Mika Lepistö

Born 1966

Advisory Board member

Marita Ljung

Born 1961

Machine learning, Data Scientist

Emil Böje Pedersen

Born 1988


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