We invest in sustainable growt​

We believe there is a sizeable under-served segment of SME’s in the European market, who wants to grow but access to working capital is holding them back. This is why we are investing in the sustainable growth of SME’s via our automated and data-driven business lending platform – it is part of how we create a positive impact through our business. At Creditive we want to make a real difference by providing our business customers with sustainable value, while contributing to make the world a better place for future generations.

Mixed-asset allocation

SME lending offers diversification benefits along with fixed income returns.


SME lending provides an attractive risk reward profile, whilst supporting the economy.

Impact investing

Supporting SME's offers clear and measurable, environmental, social and economic growth.

SME finance is a broad sector and the business lending market is enormous. Creditive has identified a large, untapped part in the middle of the European markets. The bottom end is served by digital factoring solutions for micro-sized businesses while the top is dominated by traditional banks providing secured loans to large enterprises. In the middle is a large segment of profitable, well-run small business with healthy cashflow and repayment capability – and data to prove it.

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